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Doctors BrushPicks Party-pack

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Testimonials from BrushPick fans

healthy smileHere at The Doctor’s BrushPicks UK Headquarters we love receiving testimonials from people about how much our products have changed their lives.

We heard from Mrs Slater from Mellor who said that after using our products for three weeks she went to the dentist and he commented on what an improvement their had been in her mouth and that she didn’t need to book an appointment with the hygienist now. He was very impressed with the Doctor’s BrushPicks too.

We’ve also heard from Mr Clewes from Bolton who can’t go anywhere without them. He’s said they’ve changed his life when he goes out for meals with clients he’s always handing them out.

We received wonderful feedback from Mr White, London, who was praising how he could get debris out from the back of his mouth with ease because of the flexibility of the BrushPicks.

We love to hear how The Doctor’s BrushPicks have improved your oral health, smile, and gum health. Please drop us an email to

If you’re heading off to pastures afar this Christmas don’t forget to pack your BrushPicks!

In the meantime remember to put The Doctor’s BrushPicks on your Christmas Wishlist, or if you’re thinking of treating yourself click here as there is still time to order for Christmas delivery at

Dental Implants – must for broken teeth

Why you should choose dental implants to replace a broken tooth

Tooth breakages can occur at any point — often when you least expect it. But you don’t have to put up with the discomfort of a broken tooth. In fact, it’s essential to get a broken tooth addressed as quickly as possible. The faster a breakage is seen to, the more the damage can be contained. In addition to physical damage, tooth breakages can also result in tooth discolouration and contribute to dental decay.

An excellent solution to consider when you’re faced with a broken tooth is having a dental implant. Implants are used to support false teeth. An artificial titanium tooth root is inserted into your jawbone, and the dentist can mount a false tooth onto this root just as a natural tooth has a root. Dental implants are safe and look and feel natural, restoring not only your missing tooth but your confidence, too!

Implants have a natural appearance

Implants are designed to fit in with the rest of your teeth — which means that they both look, and feel, natural. Plaque can build up on implants that are not cleaned properly, so you still have to wash your teeth as normal as so to ensure that the gum around your tooth stays healthy. Dental implants are also strong and secure. A dental implant, when inserted properly, will not slide or slip. This helps ensure the security and stability of your teeth, as well as eliminating other issues such as gum irritation and exposed nerves. The strength of implants gives you excellent reliability, as well as wonderful comfort.

Aftercare for your implants

After you’re fitted with your dental implants, it’s important to care for them as you would, your other teeth. As we’ve already discussed, the substance that they’re made of are impervious to decay, but it’s still essential to clean in and around them ensue that the gums and neighbouring teeth are kept clean and healthy. An excellent tool to help with this is The Doctor’s Brushpicks. You should also regularly see your dentist, who will also help ensure that your implants are staying strong and secure, and will help you immediately address any issues that you might have.

If you’re recently broken a tooth, or are considering getting dental implants, or would like to learn more, please contact The Centre for Implant Dentistry. They are there to help you get the smile you want.

Top tips on caring for implants


How to Care for Dental Implants

How to Care for Dental Implants








How to Care for Your Dental Implants

Although dental implants are a safe and secure long-term solution to many dental issues, such as broken or missing teeth, they still require care and upkeep to make sure they stay in prime condition. Caring for your dental implants ensures that you will continue to find them extremely comfortable and hardy.

For the first few weeks

After you’ve been fitted with your dental implants, it’s essential to go about your dental health care regime as you would normally — which means regular flossing, brushing and using mouthwash. Establishing a regular and thorough dental hygiene regime is essential in ensuring that you continue to find your dental implants comfortable.  

Although the substance that your implants are made out of is resistant to decay, it is still possible for plaque to build up on your implant. Regular teeth cleaning is a vital part of keeping your gums around your implant healthy. An excellent way to take this care to the next level is to use The Doctor’s Brushpicks, which you can use to clean the nooks and crannies between your teeth, ensuring that anything that might cause bad breath, or damage to your gums, is removed.

In the first year

It’s important to regularly touch base with your dentist after you’ve been fitted with dental implants. This means that if any issues arrive, it’ll be possible to address them speedily and efficiently.

Check ups are also an essential part of your dental health care routine outside of your dental implants. Seeing a dentist regularly will help you make sure that there are no issues with your teeth that aren’t fitted with implants, and that your gums are healthy.

When you choose dental implants, you’re making a long-term choice. Dental implants have a life-long guarantee, but it’s essential to take care of them. As the years go by, you have to keep up with regular dentist check-ups, as well as your own dental regime.  Keeping up both sides of this regime is an essential part of taking care of your implants and ensuring that they continue to look as natural, and feel as comfortable, as they did when they were first fitted.

If you’re considering getting dental implants, or would like to learn more, please contact The Centre for Implant Dentistry – they are there to help you get the smile you want.  

Buy us from the Prestwood Centre Dental Surgery

The World’s Best toothpicks are now available from your local dentist in Prestwood, Hertforshire.Prestwood Centre Dental Surgery - The Doctor's BrushPicks Image Credit: “Prestwood Centre Dental Surgery

You can now buy the Doctor’s BrushPicks from the Prestwood Centre Dental Surgery, Hertfordshire. When you next see Dr Sonny Hanna you can ask about trying the Doctor’s BrushPicks.


The belle of the Ball

We’re thrilled to learn that Zoe Ball is fan of The Doctor’s BrushPicks.

The World's Best Toothpick the Doctor's BrushPicks 275

Zoe Ball instagramed a picture of our 275 Pick Packet with this comment: “Where you been my whole life #toothpics #bestever #satisfying #reachestheplaces”

Thanks Zoe. 

You can begin your love affair with The Doctor’s BrushPicks by buying a packet and beginning our two week challenge. Grab a 60 Pick Packet and email us and quote “Zoe Ball” and we will pop in some samples as a thank you.


We’re making Dentists Smile

Dr Ben Atkins, Revive Dental, Trustee the British Dental Health FoundationImage Credit, Dr Ben Atkins – Revive Dental & Trustee of the British Dental Health Foundation

Dentists including Dr Ben Atkins are smiling during National Smile Month (18th May – 18th June), after new oral healthcare product is helping their patients to keep their smile healthy.

‘I am always looking for products that innovate my patients to clean their teeth, I have found BrushPicks do this, they stimulate the mind and have been the straw that has broken the back with a few of my more challenging patients’ Dr Ben Atkins, Revive Dental Care & Trustee of the British Dental Health Foundation.

The Doctor’s® Brushpicks® are revolutionary light plastic toothpicks that safely remove food debris and plaque.

According to the British Dental Health Foundation, people have admitted to picking their teeth with all sorts of things, including earrings, business cards, keys, matchsticks, banknotes – and even screwdrivers!

The Doctor’s BrushPick is a light plastic toothpick with a feathered tip that is twisted between teeth. The flexibility of the unique patented plyalene® plastic used means longer lasting bristles on the feathered tip will remove debris without aggravating the gums or damaging any bridge work, while the strong pointed tip enables the user to remove and reduce plaque, stimulating gums to promote periodontal health and help fight gingivitis.

Buy a packet online here or from your Dentist.
 races ahead with GB MOTO

GBMoto Race bike 2015-2016 Sponsor are proud to announce sponsorship of GBmoto Racing (GBmoto) one of only a handful of manufacturer supported teams, which competes in the British Superbike Series (BSB), recognised to be one of the biggest motorcycling racing championships in the world. The news comes at an exciting time as GBmoto riders James Ellison and James Westmoreland, are determined to secure their place as one of the top 6 riders in the Showdown at the end of the series this year.

To add to the excitement, this year GBmoto will for the first time, be competing at the Isle of Man TT with twice TT winner, Gary Johnson riding for the team, involving factory support from Kawasaki Japan.

The championship comprises of 12 events across eight UK circuits, as well as a round in Europe.  The season spans from April to October with the finale taking place at the iconic Brands Hatch circuit. have an affinity with GBmoto Racing in that they both rely on quality of product and its effective use to win through and out perform their rivals in a competitive environment.  Their energy, vision and ambition to become the best in their field supports how we strive to be in every aspect of our working day.

We will keep you updated throughout the season on their successes. We cannot wait to watch that bike race ahead in the coming weeks.

In the meantime take a look at GBmoto‘s website by clicking here. now stocks our full range

Our 275 BrushPick, 60 BrushPick and 15 BrushPick packets are now available to buy online in the UK from the leading online Cosmeceutical Skincare shop SkINKICKS

skinkicks logo jpeg

SkINKICKs specialising in selling the clinic grade skincare ranges that you cannot buy on the UK high-street. They only sell ranges that deliver results, and not just promises. Which is why they’ve fallen in love with The Doctor’s BrushPicks and started stocking our range. As although we’re an oral-health product, we deliver results. We deliver more effective plaque, and periodontal debris removal than flossing.

Try BrushPicks for two weeks and see the difference that we make to the health of your smile.

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Clean 5 sides of your teeth

Are you effectively cleaning all 5 side of your teeth with your oral health regime? Did you even know that you had five surfaces?


Girl in dental chair brushpicks uk









We all need to take a 5 D approach to cleaning our teeth. Dentist and dental expert Ash Parmar agrees.

Ash Parmar of Smile Design by Ash ( says “Our teeth have five accessible surfaces – hence the 5D routine – and it is vital to thoroughly remove plaque from all of these on a daily basis to keep the mouth in tip top condition. A poor dental hygiene routine may result in plaque build-up which is the start of tooth decay and gum disease. Sometimes it might even lead to bone and tooth loss not to mention bad breath and a less than white smile. The 5D approach is the foundation for healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath confidence.”

Don’t forget to integrate our world’s best interdental brushes, the Doctor’s BrushPicks into your 5D routine. Cleaning between the teeth will dislodge plaque from hidden sides’ surfaces.

Try us today either at your Dentist or by buying a packet from

If your dentist want’s to try us in their practice please get them to get in touch with their Dental Directory representative or order us online from their website: