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Santa Claus & Gums

It is OK for Father Christmas may be all puffy and red this festive period but your gums shouldn’t be.

If your gums are red and inflamed then it is time to see your dentist for an emergency appointment.

Here we prefer preventative dental treatment with the Doctor’s BrushPicks which help keep your gums healthy and they help to prevent gum disease.

Santa Claus Teeth

Merry Christmas from Dental Claus!


Brushpicks are better than floss at reducing Gingivitis and preventing bleeding

Preventative dentistry on the go. How the Doctor's BrushPicks help you fight gingivitis.

The Doctor’s BrushPicks

Clinical research demonstrates that BrushPicks(TM) significantly reduce gingivitis and bleeding better than dental floss. This research appears in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry in the USA.

“Considering that bleeding is an important attribute of the status of soft tissue health, it is important to note that the reduction in bleeding sites for the BrushPicks subjects went from about 23 percent at the beginning of the study to 4 percent by the conclusion at four weeks. This dramatic decrease in acute bleeding was even apparent by 2 weeks, where the rate had fallen to 8 percent.” In contrast, dental floss had no significant impact on bleeding over the course of the study.

The space between teeth is “one of the most difficult areas for people to keep clean and free of decaying food and plaque organisms,” the researchers note. “As a result, the area is prone to the development of periodontal disease and caries. It has been documented that if the area can be kept clean, periodontal disease is reduced.” The experts also point to research demonstrating that “standard manual toothbrushes do not effectively clean between the teeth.” Extracted from (

We challenge you to use the Doctor’s BrushPicks for four-weeks and you’ll see what a different we make to your Oral care regime. We promise you’ll notice the difference.


Are you wearing Braces?

Chris-Evans31371celebrities with braces 2013

Celebrities are wearing fixed braces to correct their crooked smiles more and more these days. We will bet they are finding getting food stuck in their wires a headache being in the public eye. We can highly recommend that if you’ve got a fixed brace start using the Doctor’s BrushPicks to help keep your smile food free!

Unlucky in love? Its in your smile Teeth Stats has spent 3 years researching 5,000 men and women. The most pertinent statistic they found was that men and women think good teeth are more important than people’s hair or clothes!

Perhaps more people who are unlucky in love should look to their teeth?

Invest in fantastic oral hygiene care with the Doctor’s Brushpicks enabling you to care for your teeth and gums whether your at home, work or out on a date!