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The Doctor’s BrushPicks are in the UK

We’re available in the UK. You can buy us from leading Chemists, Orthodontists, Dentists and online too. If you’ve not tried us before you’ll be addicted in no time at all!

There are at at least seven reasons why you should try the Doctor’s BrushPicks for our two week challenge:

  1. We’ve improved our BrushPicks with Plyalene® for longer bristles.
  2. Extends between teeth gently and easily.
  3. Brushes away debris.
  4. Stimulates gums.
  5. Will not harm dental and bridge work.
  6. Manoeuvres and is held easily.
  7. Safely scrapes away plaque.

We can think of others too including, you can use them for eating olives, checking your cakes are cooked and picking up blueberries!

The World's Best Toothpick the Doctor's BrushPicks 275

Monkey Hair Flossing Dental Innovation

We’re better than Monkey Hair Floss!

As you know here at The Doctor’s BrushPicks UK we’re fascinated by all things Dental. Did you catch the episode of Monkey Planet last week where the animals were filmed using human hair as floss? Incredible!

Monkey Hair Flossing Dental Innovation

Picture Credit The Daily Mail

Studies have shown that our BrushPicks are better than floss at removing interdental plaque. We bet we’re more effective than human hair too!

Try the Doctor’s BrushPicks today, we can be bought from leading Chemists, Orthodontists, Dentists and online at

We’re one size fits all!

Do you love having a healthy smile? Want to do something proven to be more effective than flossing? Start by trying our amazing the Doctor’s BrushPicks. Once you’ve tried us you’ll be BrushPicking 24 hour a day!

Interdental Brushes UK the Doctor's BrushPicks the World's Best

The World’s Best the Doctor’s BrushPicks Interdental Brush / ToothPick 7 things we do

Unlike other products on the market we’re a one size fits all. We are loved by Orthodontist because we’re amazing at getting in between hard to reach places for people with permanent bonds, fixtures, bridges and teeth!

One side of our pick is a ToothPick and on the other is our Interdental Brush.

Try the Doctor’s BrushPicks we’re given away this Easter a free Keychain with every order. You can now buy them online on

Training for a Marathon?

Running a Marathon

Training for a Marathon involves a lot of mental, and physical preparation. One of the key things that you generally have to modify is your diet. If you’re now eating more protein you might find you’re reaching for your ToothPicks more frequently.  We highly recommend investing in our Interdental Brushes as they will be more effective at keeping your mouth healthy than flossing. Take a look at our 60 pack by clicking here.

Become a Stockist

BrushPicks Clipstrips UK Chemist Pharmacy Retailer


We’ve updated our website and made it easier to find out how to stock our amazing the Doctor’s BrushPicks in your store or practice. Take a look by clicking here.

Save money by taking care of your gums

Save money by looking after your oral health


Studies have once again found that by taking good care of your oral health, your overall health increases too. Which means you’re less likely to be incapacitated by Type 2 Diabetes, Strokes and Heart Disease.

Invest in good oral care for your teeth and it will save you money.

For further information take a look at this article entitled, Financial Benefits of Good Gum Health.