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Buy us from the Prestwood Centre Dental Surgery

The World’s Best toothpicks are now available from your local dentist in Prestwood, Hertforshire.Prestwood Centre Dental Surgery - The Doctor's BrushPicks Image Credit: “Prestwood Centre Dental Surgery

You can now buy the Doctor’s BrushPicks from the Prestwood Centre Dental Surgery, Hertfordshire. When you next see Dr Sonny Hanna you can ask about trying the Doctor’s BrushPicks.


The belle of the Ball

We’re thrilled to learn that Zoe Ball is fan of The Doctor’s BrushPicks.

The World's Best Toothpick the Doctor's BrushPicks 275

Zoe Ball instagramed a picture of our 275 Pick Packet with this comment: “Where you been my whole life #toothpics #bestever #satisfying #reachestheplaces”

Thanks Zoe. 

You can begin your love affair with The Doctor’s BrushPicks by buying a packet and beginning our two week challenge. Grab a 60 Pick Packet and email us and quote “Zoe Ball” and we will pop in some samples as a thank you.