Dental Implants – must for broken teeth

Why you should choose dental implants to replace a broken tooth

Tooth breakages can occur at any point — often when you least expect it. But you don’t have to put up with the discomfort of a broken tooth. In fact, it’s essential to get a broken tooth addressed as quickly as possible. The faster a breakage is seen to, the more the damage can be contained. In addition to physical damage, tooth breakages can also result in tooth discolouration and contribute to dental decay.

An excellent solution to consider when you’re faced with a broken tooth is having a dental implant. Implants are used to support false teeth. An artificial titanium tooth root is inserted into your jawbone, and the dentist can mount a false tooth onto this root just as a natural tooth has a root. Dental implants are safe and look and feel natural, restoring not only your missing tooth but your confidence, too!

Implants have a natural appearance

Implants are designed to fit in with the rest of your teeth — which means that they both look, and feel, natural. Plaque can build up on implants that are not cleaned properly, so you still have to wash your teeth as normal as so to ensure that the gum around your tooth stays healthy. Dental implants are also strong and secure. A dental implant, when inserted properly, will not slide or slip. This helps ensure the security and stability of your teeth, as well as eliminating other issues such as gum irritation and exposed nerves. The strength of implants gives you excellent reliability, as well as wonderful comfort.

Aftercare for your implants

After you’re fitted with your dental implants, it’s important to care for them as you would, your other teeth. As we’ve already discussed, the substance that they’re made of are impervious to decay, but it’s still essential to clean in and around them ensue that the gums and neighbouring teeth are kept clean and healthy. An excellent tool to help with this is The Doctor’s Brushpicks. You should also regularly see your dentist, who will also help ensure that your implants are staying strong and secure, and will help you immediately address any issues that you might have.

If you’re recently broken a tooth, or are considering getting dental implants, or would like to learn more, please contact The Centre for Implant Dentistry. They are there to help you get the smile you want.

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