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How healthy are your habits?

We’re pleased to have been featured in My Weekly issued on the 16th August 2014 in their piece entitled: “How Healthy Are Your Habits?”How Healthy Are Your Habits? My Weekly. 16.08


Dentist’s Review of Our BrushPicks

We were thrilled when we received this review in our inbox this morning from leading Dentist,  Dr.  Athyr Al-Killidar, who is based at UK Smile London:


“Having food or plaque stuck between your teeth is one of the most annoying things, so I was happy to receive a sample of Brush Picks to review, and I must say that I was very impressed – they were well designed and fabricated, with a miniature bristle brush on one side and a tooth pick on the other. Even though they are designed for a single-use and are disposable, I found the brush side to be as effective as multi-use Tepe brushes at cleaning between teeth. The tooth-pick side is also well thought-out and has small ridges on the surface for more effective cleaning of the inter-proximal surface of teeth. I especially liked the little portable container that makes it easy to the keep them in a pocket or a purse when going out for dinner. I shall certainly be ordering more of them and will recommend them for my patients.” Dr. Athyr Al-Killadar

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, and we’re grateful for your support.

If you’re a Dentist/Orthodontist reading this and you would like a free trade sample of our product please email our UK agent Revolve Distribution, on or take a look at their website:

If you would like to buy the Doctor’s BrushPicks and you’re in the UK please click here

Food Festival Fun May – June 2014

Here at BrushPicks HQ we’re partial to an epicurean delight or two. Here is the list of the up and coming Food Festivals around the UK over the next few weeks. Hope to see you there! Don’t forget to bring your BrushPicks to help keep your smile healthy on the go.

Stratford Food Festival at The Races 2014

Start Date: 30th May 2014

The 8th annual Stratford Food Festival this year bolting onto a weekend of horse racing. It is set to be a weekend of fun.

Elton Hall Food Festival

Start Date: 6th June 2014

Elton Hall Food And Drink Festival, showcasing some of the best regional, national and international food and drink.

Yarkhill Field to Fork Festival

Start Date: 7th June 2014

A celebration of local food and drink especially cider, strawberries and asparagus.

Three Wine Men London Summer Tasting

Start Date: 7th June 2014

Two days of Wine, drinks and artisan food tasting!

Tastes of Yorkshire Food and Drink Family Festival

Start Date: 14th June 2014

Ecky thump you are in for some foodie fun! A food and drink family festival held at Yorkshire’s Garden Racecourse.

The Cheese and Chilli Festival – Christchurch

Start Date: 21st June 2014

Food, crafts, real ale – family fun. YUM!

The Colchester Food and Drink Festival

Start Date: 28th June 2014

The biggest and best food and drink festival in the region.

National Smile Month 2014 starts today

Fun Facts National Smile Month 2014 - British Dental Health Foundation

Fun facts about National Smile Month.

We’re supporting National Smile Month by giving away a Keychain packet with every order of the Doctor’s BrushPicks online for the whole month. We’re proud to help keep everyone’s smile healthy on the go. To buy a packet click here.


Essential for your inflight comfort

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Toiletries


We think it is time that we’re available when you fly. There is nothing worse than getting food stuck in between your teeth when you’re 35,000 feet in the air. Please ask your favourite airline to start stocking the Doctor’s BrushPicks in their in-flight comfort bags. We would be happy to supply them.

In the meantime if you’re planning on a flight why not add the Doctor’s BrushPicks to your onboard travel kit. You can buy us from several retailers, orthodontists, chemists, online shops and dentists. To find your nearest stockist please click here.

We’re one size fits all!

Do you love having a healthy smile? Want to do something proven to be more effective than flossing? Start by trying our amazing the Doctor’s BrushPicks. Once you’ve tried us you’ll be BrushPicking 24 hour a day!

Interdental Brushes UK the Doctor's BrushPicks the World's Best

The World’s Best the Doctor’s BrushPicks Interdental Brush / ToothPick 7 things we do

Unlike other products on the market we’re a one size fits all. We are loved by Orthodontist because we’re amazing at getting in between hard to reach places for people with permanent bonds, fixtures, bridges and teeth!

One side of our pick is a ToothPick and on the other is our Interdental Brush.

Try the Doctor’s BrushPicks we’re given away this Easter a free Keychain with every order. You can now buy them online on

Training for a Marathon?

Running a Marathon

Training for a Marathon involves a lot of mental, and physical preparation. One of the key things that you generally have to modify is your diet. If you’re now eating more protein you might find you’re reaching for your ToothPicks more frequently.  We highly recommend investing in our Interdental Brushes as they will be more effective at keeping your mouth healthy than flossing. Take a look at our 60 pack by clicking here.