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What to pack for a flight?

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Toiletries


Here are our essential tips for what to take on a long plane journey:

  1. A packet of The Doctor’s BrushPicks (you’ve got 5 sides to your teeth you know!)
  2. Stain Wipes from M&S (just in case you spill that wine on your top)
  3. Mini packet of babywipes/ handwipes
  4. Eyedrops – refreshing – all that air conditioning dries out your eyes
  5. Hand/Body Moisturiser mini tube. Makes all the difference and helps prevent your skin drying up.
  6. Painkillers. Just in case!
  7. Lipsalve. Helps prevent your lips drying up on the plane.
  8. Sleeping Tablets/ Melatonin if you’re on a long haul flight.
  9. PJs if your on a long haul flight.
  10. Hoody/ Cardigan/ Wrap. Planes are strange creatures. Sometimes it gets very cold on them once the airconditioning has kicked in
  11. Your own headfones. So much nicer than the ones they give you for long haul travel.