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SkinKicks.co.uk now stocks our full range

Our 275 BrushPick, 60 BrushPick and 15 BrushPick packets are now available to buy online in the UK from the leading online Cosmeceutical Skincare shop SkINKICKS

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SkINKICKs specialising in selling the clinic grade skincare ranges that you cannot buy on the UK high-street. They only sell ranges that deliver results, and not just promises. Which is why they’ve fallen in love with The Doctor’s BrushPicks and started stocking our range. As although we’re an oral-health product, we deliver results. We deliver more effective plaque, and periodontal debris removal than flossing.

Try BrushPicks for two weeks and see the difference that we make to the health of your smile.

Buy online from SkINKICKS.co.uk 



Are you wearing Braces?

Chris-Evans31371celebrities with braces 2013

Celebrities are wearing fixed braces to correct their crooked smiles more and more these days. We will bet they are finding getting food stuck in their wires a headache being in the public eye. We can highly recommend that if you’ve got a fixed brace start using the Doctor’s BrushPicks to help keep your smile food free!