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Dentist’s Review of Our BrushPicks

We were thrilled when we received this review in our inbox this morning from leading Dentist,  Dr.  Athyr Al-Killidar, who is based at UK Smile London:


“Having food or plaque stuck between your teeth is one of the most annoying things, so I was happy to receive a sample of Brush Picks to review, and I must say that I was very impressed – they were well designed and fabricated, with a miniature bristle brush on one side and a tooth pick on the other. Even though they are designed for a single-use and are disposable, I found the brush side to be as effective as multi-use Tepe brushes at cleaning between teeth. The tooth-pick side is also well thought-out and has small ridges on the surface for more effective cleaning of the inter-proximal surface of teeth. I especially liked the little portable container that makes it easy to the keep them in a pocket or a purse when going out for dinner. I shall certainly be ordering more of them and will recommend them for my patients.” Dr. Athyr Al-Killadar

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, and we’re grateful for your support.

If you’re a Dentist/Orthodontist reading this and you would like a free trade sample of our product please email our UK agent Revolve Distribution, on info@revolvedistribution.com or take a look at their website: Revolvedistribution.com

If you would like to buy the Doctor’s BrushPicks and you’re in the UK please click here