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Off on a British Summer Holiday?

british summer holiday


Off on holiday this summer in the UK? If you’re like us then you’ll be driving to your destination. Here are our tips on what it is worth getting for your journey for your British Holiday:

  1. The Doctor’s BrushPicks packet for the car / handbag
  2. Eyedrops. We all get tired eyes, and what a difference these make. Our top tip is to keep them in a cool bag.
  3. Sick of buying coffees when you go on long journeys? Invest in a Contigo flask from John Lewis/ Amazon. We love them.
  4. Small cool bag for the car this is one that we use from Thermos, along with a small flat icepack to stay in it.
  5. Large cool bag for picnics. Our favourite has to be the flexible one from Lakeland Plastics. Great when your filling a car up. Very compact and it works.
  6. Babywipes. Very useful all round saviour for journeys/holidays/planes.
  7. Painkillers. You never know when you might need one.
  8. Sting relief cream.

We hope we’ve helped make your summer holiday packing a little easier with our top tips.