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It is National Chocolate Week

Nakd Cocoa Orange Bar


Here at The Doctor’s BrushPicks we love Chocolate. We also love Nakd Bars when we fancy something sweet and nurturing too.

We’re indulging all week in the office with our flavour of the month Cocoa Orange. Just be aware sometimes there are large pieces of nut in the bars. We always use a BrushPick after having a bar.

Be healthy.

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The Doctor’s BrushPicks x

Training for a Marathon?

Running a Marathon

Training for a Marathon involves a lot of mental, and physical preparation. One of the key things that you generally have to modify is your diet. If you’re now eating more protein you might find you’re reaching for your ToothPicks more frequently.  We highly recommend investing in our Interdental Brushes as they will be more effective at keeping your mouth healthy than flossing. Take a look at our 60 pack by clicking here.

Save money by taking care of your gums

Save money by looking after your oral health


Studies have once again found that by taking good care of your oral health, your overall health increases too. Which means you’re less likely to be incapacitated by Type 2 Diabetes, Strokes and Heart Disease.

Invest in good oral care for your teeth and it will save you money.

For further information take a look at this article entitled, Financial Benefits of Good Gum Health.