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Don’t be a gummy bear

It is only 1 month today until Christmas Day. We know that we might be receiving a few sweet treats on Christmas day.

Don't be a gummy bear


Make sure that you look after the health of your smile this festive period. Take your interdental toothpicks everywhere with you. Take your BrushPicks to the office party, on holiday, pop a packet in your bag and don’t forget to give the gift of the Doctor’s BrushPicks!


If you work in a dental practice or orthodontic practice that would like to stock us please get in touch with The Dental Directory.


How to Use BrushPicks

How to use the Doctor’s® BrushPicks®

They are really easy to use just follow these simple instructions.

1. Insert brush and rotate/slide back and forth.

2. Gently slide the pick back and forth, up and down.

3. Use flexible brush tip to clean molars.

Santa Claus & Gums

It is OK for Father Christmas may be all puffy and red this festive period but your gums shouldn’t be.

If your gums are red and inflamed then it is time to see your dentist for an emergency appointment.

Here we prefer preventative dental treatment with the Doctor’s BrushPicks which help keep your gums healthy and they help to prevent gum disease.

Santa Claus Teeth

Merry Christmas from Dental Claus!